West Virginia Fitness Competitions


Last Updated: 11/26/21


Here is a schedule with the most recent information for Functional Fitness competitions, Powerlifting, and USAW sanctioned weightlifting competitions in West Virginia. ***Currently, there are no USAW meets or Functional Fitness Competitions scheduled in West Virginia***. Are we missing an event? Have we been slacking and need to update it? Let us know!

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We compiled this list based on information from local affiliates, but we will update it as needed if new competitions pop-up. Check out our blog post on what to pack for your Functional Fitness competition and print the free checklist to make sure you are ready for comp day!

Power for PurposeUSA Powerlifting12/11/21Viking Performance TrainingMorgantown
B3 – Beasts, Beers, and BarbellsFunctional Fitness1/22/22CrossFit BarboursvilleHunington

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