Brand Ambassador Form


Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Lifting the Dream Ambassador!

THE GOAL: Rebelling against the fitness industry standard of “fit.”

We’re not selling a product, we’re promoting a lifestyle. One of inclusivity, strength, vitality, and fun. Our brand ambassadors are our #1 cheerleaders – why not recognize that? By joining this program, you will be part of an exclusive, supportive community of like-minded individuals ready to support each other and lift the dream.


  • Loves Lifting the Dream!
  • Is a steward of inclusivity and equality in their everyday life
  • Has an active and authentic social media presence in the fitness community
  • Is someone that is into fitness for the fun and health of it and incorporates lifting into their routine
  • This includes all kinds of athletes from CrossFitter’s and Olympic Weightlifters to Powerlifters and Bodybuilders
  • Believes in supporting others to reach their goals no matter their level or sport!

This person lifts for the feeling, for the fun, and is a living example of the brand’s statement of making the world a better place to lift through inclusive, fun, and supportive lifting gear for people of all fitness levels. We believe in celebration, community, and your right to be badass, no matter what size you are.

We are looking for individuals who are active on social media and actively sharing their fitness journey, whether its training for a competition, a casual journey to a healthier you, or your road to recovery from a sports injury, etc. we want to be a part of it and celebrate you.

As a brand ambassador, we are looking for you to post on social media and share your love of the brand, including occasionally sharing/posting in our Facebook Group Lifting the Dream Community. Think of yourself as the hype crew – you’ll be helping us hype up the community and get them excited for PRs, personal triumphs, and bonding with like-minded individuals.

Please put your social media handles below:

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About the Program:

  • Discount code for your private use*
  • Priority access to new releases
  • Exclusive access to Brand Ambassador Facebook Group where you get to see new ideas before any one else.
  • Connect and build a community with other Ambassadors

*Brand Ambassadors will be reassessed on a quarterly basis (every 3 months) for performance to ensure good standing.

Link to Knee Sleeve Size Chart (Can be found by clicking on Size Chart, underneath the title)

Link to Belt Sleeve Size Chart (Can be found by clicking on Size Chart, underneath the title)

I hereby acknowledge that Lifting the Dream will be reviewing this application for potential acceptance into the Brand Ambassador (BA) Program. Lifting the Dream will never use my information for anything outside the purposes of reviewing this application. I understand this is not a monetarily compensated sponsorship, but rather a working friendship with Lifting the Dream. I understand that my ambassadorship can be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of Lifting the Dream if I do not maintain good standing*.

I understand that, upon acceptance, be added to the Lifting the Dream newsletter subscription so that I can stay up to date on any news with Lifting the Dream.

I am applying because I am a badass and I love myself. I workout to have fun and get healthy and promise to spread good vibes only.

Thank you so much for your interest. Lifting the Dream is looking to expand our team and spread the brand far and wide, while selecting athletes that fit the requirements listed above. If you are admitted into the BA program, we will reach out to you. Due to the high volume of emails and applications, we may not be able to respond to each one. We value and appreciate every single one of you making this world a better place to lift!

*Good Standing is based on the monthly commitments outline to be provided on conditional acceptance.