LIFTING THE DREAM Photoshoot form


Please fill out the form here if you’re interested in joining us for a Lifting the Dream Photoshoot in the future!

Next Photoshoot: September 2021

I, hereby grant permission to Lifting the Dream to reproduce any portion of the photo images shared via our Website, Google Drive (for purposes of sharing with you or brand’s social media manager), Instagram, Facebook, or any other form of advertisement for the brand from the photoshoot that have been taken by Lifting the Dream for the purpose of SELF USE and or SELF PROMOTION publications which can include but is not limited to, books, brochures, cards, calendars, invitations, packaging and websites without any more compensation or recognition given to me.

Additionally, I am aware that the activity in which I am participating (CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and other fitness activities in relation to the photoshoot) is an inherently risky activity. I release Lifting the Dream, LLC and all associated location owners, etc. from any liability should I be injured during the photoshoot.

Furthermore, I grant creative permission to alter the photograph(s) in a way that improves the quality of the picture for the brand (brightness, vibrance, etc.) and not in a way that deceives the viewer. I do not grant permission to resale or use the photographs in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation toward me or my company and associates.

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