Do Lifting Shoes Help? 4 Reasons to Do a Little Sole Searching


Published: 04/02/2023

By Jillian Warren

It makes sense that running shoes are designed to help you run, but are lifting shoes really built to help you lift weights? Yes! In fact, some may say that it is their sole purpose! Cringe factor aside, wearing the right shoes can make all the difference in your weightlifting journey but the question is, how?

Sole Searching

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When I first started CrossFit, I didn’t own a pair of lifting shoes. I had no idea they were even a thing until one day I noticed that every class regular would change their footwear after a run before weightlifting. At the time, I didn’t feel like it was necessary for me to invest in such a shoe and continued wearing my running shoes during workouts. That was until a coach had to kindly educate me on why you shouldn’t lift in running shoes and how lifting shoes can enhance your overall performance. Here’s a simple and easy-to-digest explanation of why pumping iron in the right shoes can be immensely beneficial for you.  

1. Heels to Improve Posture

Maintaining a proper posture during a lift is one of the most important things to remember. The slightest curve in your back could set you up for excruciating injuries. Weightlifting shoes are made with elevated heels which help for getting in the power position so that your body naturally keeps balance and stays in good posture. 

2. Support For the Ankles

From the tough material to an added strap, weightlifting shoes are built to support your foot and ankle a little more than your average sneaker. Because your feet have to handle a lot of pressure, weightlifting shoes are designed to keep all that pressure off the joints so that you can lift just as high as you want.

3. A Foundation That Secures

What every athlete needs when lifting weights is a flat area. Unstable surfaces equal unstable lifts. Therefore, having a shoe with a hard, solid base case helps strengthen your foundation and keeps you secure while you beat those crazy PRs.

4. Increased Mobility

Combining the shoe’s elevated heel, ankle support, and solid base ensures an improvement in lifting mobility. Our bodies need to have the flexibility to move in order to properly produce power.

Lifting The Dream Donut Judge Me Wrist Wraps featured in the image above

Whether this is the beginning of your weightlifting experience or just a recent discovery, It’s never too late to get started working out under safer conditions! And while you’re on the hunt for the best weightlifting shoes, check out some of the gear at The Lifting The Dream shop. From knee sleeves to lifting belts, you’ll find all that you need to keep fit in style. Not to mention, if none of the current patterns stand out to you, LTD has the ability to customize your gear and give you what you want. And if you’re feeling a little extra, you could even match your new accessories to your new shoes. Lifting never looked so good!

Do you have lifting shoes and do you think that they improve your performance?

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