How IV Hydration Therapy Can Enhance Performance


Published: 4/17/2022

By Chelsy Offutt
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IV Hydration therapy has been around for a number of years. Most people are aware that it is the ideal cure for dehydration and a quick fix infusion after a few too many cocktails (Vegas trip anyone?). However, there are many more benefits to using this instant surge to the bloodstream.

Does IV Hydration Really Work?

Yes! There are a number of different vitamin “cocktails” that can be mixed for optimum results. One of the most common ingredients is B12 which provides a surge of energy and can push you past that mid-afternoon slump – perfect for an afterwork lift session or run.

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Magnesium is ideal after a grueling workout and provides some TLC for your sore muscles. Most clinics offer a number of different choices, packages, and upgrades that are tailored to each person and their specific needs. Most IVs provide up to 1-liter of hydration and only take about 40 minutes to complete.

Whether it’s colder temps or recovering from an illness, IV therapy can be the dose that helps your body over the recovery hump. Because the vitamins are administered directly into the bloodstream (often by trained physicians) it is absorbed much more quickly than say a vitamin pack. Even with plenty of water, many of our bodies still lack the proper amount of hydration to operate at their peak performance.

Vitamin C is also a common ingredient that helps fight free radicals as well as inflammation. Some clinics are even offering monthly memberships so you can tweak the perfect recipe for your workout, competition, or ongoing training.

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In addition to an IV choice, there are also injectables that can be added to the treatment for more benefits. Some include fat burners, calcium, and other aids to the deficiencies your body could be experiencing.

IV Hydration Therapy for Cancer Patients and More

Hydration therapy has also been known to help patients who have recently undergone more serious treatments such as chemotherapy. Whether it’s a nagging migraine, dehydration, jetlag, or you’re looking for that little something extra your body may be craving, hydration therapy is a great way to increase immunity and performance.

Have you ever tried IV Hydration therapy? What was your experience?

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