Work, Lift, Balance Series: Kickboxing


Published: 02/02/2022

By Chelsy Offutt

While all of us weren’t born with the balance or the skill set of Bruce Lee, that doesn’t mean we can’t whack a gym bag with our leg like an MMA pro. Well, maybe not with as much force, but it’s certainly an amazing reliever of anger and stress.

Glute Bands are superb tools for kickboxing training (Photo Courtesy of RMK Visions)

Kickboxing originated in the 1960s and is a hybrid of punching and kicking that comes from martial arts – mainly Japanese-style practices. It was then adopted a number of years later in America in 1974, becoming very prominent in the country and beyond.

Interested in Trying Out Kickboxing?

Photo Courtesy of RMK Visions

If you’re a first-timer, there is nothing wrong with seeking out a hardcore MMA or kickboxing gym, however there are a number of mixed gyms that offer beginner kickboxing lessons mixed with other cardio and HIIT options. For example, 9Round is a wonderful option for those looking to put in the sweat and learn a bit about the sport.

With a different circuit each day, you won’t ever get bored or do the same workout every time. For example, they’ll teach donkey kicks, roundhouse kicks, and front kicks all within the scope of your circuit training. The great thing is you also have an onsite trainer who can let you know if your form is correct or not. Oftentimes people injure themselves at a self-guided gym with equipment they don’t know how, or want to learn, to use. Find someone who knows what they’re doing so that you can discuss your abilities as well as any limitations or injuries with your range of motion. Learning in a safe environment where athletic pros can help you improve your technique while also preventing accidents is ideal.

Photo Courtesy of Annushka Ahuja on Pexels

If you are wanting to learn more about the main rules of kickboxing, check out this little beginner’s guide.

Have you tried kickboxing and what other sports are on your list to try out?

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