Are Wrist Wraps the Same as Lifting Straps?


Published: 12/19/2021

By Lifting the Dream

Have you ever noticed people at the gym covering their hands and wrists in an elastic material before lifting weights? While wrist wraps definitely look cool, this isn’t the only reason why people take the time to put them on. This methodical wrapping has its benefits for those who like to work out and especially for those who like to lift heavy.

Lifting the Dream Siren Wrist Wraps

In general, wrist wraps are made to support the wrist and during all kinds of exercise movements. From something as simple as a pushup to more strenuous overhead lifts such as a clean and jerk, wrist wraps are considered very effective fitness equipment for protecting such an important region in the arm. You’ll most often see wrist wraps being used during weightlifting, powerlifting, and strongman training.

Benefits of Wearing Wrist Wraps

If you think about it, wrists take on a lot of pressure during, what seems like, every workout. Unfortunately, wrists can only handle so much weight before starting to feel a bit sore and becoming more vulnerable to injuries. So, as we move along on our fitness journeys, having a pair will only help those goals get reached more safely. Here are a few very important benefits for adding Lifting the Dream wrist wraps to your lifting gear arsenal:

  • They provide incredible wrist support which helps decrease the possibility of overextension while also ensuring proper alignment.
  • They prevent injuries by minimizing flexibility so that there is no unwanted movement.
  • They increase stability which locks and secures the wrist making them ideal for PR lifts where the focus should be on max effort and not on wobbly wrists.
  • They alleviate pain from prior issues by stabilizing the arm which ultimately reduces soreness.

Wrist Wraps Vs. Lifting Straps

Lifting Straps, which oftentimes get confused with wrist wraps, have different functions. Wrist Wraps are mainly about wrist support while lifting straps are mainly used to allow the lifter to grip more weight. For example, check out how strong our lifting straps are in this video. A pair is literally pulling a 5,000-pound jeep!

Show Off Your Personality While You Lift

At Lifting the Dream, we carry all kinds of fun designs on our lifting gear so that you can show off your personality while working out. From donuts to unicorns, there is a print for everyone to choose from.

Lifting the Dream Hibiskiss Wrist Wraps

So, if you are ready to step up your lifting game or just grab a little extra support, snag yourself a pair of wrist wraps today!

Which of our wrist wrap prints would you sport?

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