Everyone Starts Out as a Beginner


Published: 11/03/2021

By Lauren Bradley

Everyone starts as a newbie, even those champions lifting unthinkable weights during competitions. They too had to start out fresh, picking up a barbell with only room to improve.

Often, we are nervous starting something new – even intimidated. I wanted to share with you my views on being new to powerlifting to hopefully help shake your own fears or hesitation about entering this wonderful sport as a newbie.

Beginner Gains

When you’re new, your body has its greatest potential to gain muscle. Oftentimes being called “newbie gains,” a newcomer will generally get stronger faster than someone who has been lifting for decades. This means you’ll see results in no time. Just add weight plates and you’ll feel accomplished sooner than you’d expect! Enjoy those wins, adding new plates and growing your potential as a lifter. It can also mean that you get to increase your diet and calories to account for those gains!

Photo Courtesy of cottonbro on Pexels

Fresh Slate

It takes far longer to remove bad habits and poor movement patterns than it does to teach a newbie new tricks. You have an opportunity to really learn those techniques perfectly and start out with form on point, so you can grow and improve over time quicker and potentially with fewer injuries. You also get the cognitive benefit of working out your brain as you practice something completely new.

Never Too Late to Grow Those Guns

As we grow older, the benefits of good muscle conditioning become more important. Balance, proprioception, bone health, and joint strength are all wonderful physical benefits we can give our bodies as we age if we start now. It can get more challenging to grow muscle as we age, so what better reason to start today?

Learn from Seasoned Lifters

Photo Courtesy of Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

Powerlifting may seem like an individual sport, but I tell you, the community will literally lift you up. There is a lot of support out there for those starting out, whether it’s free tutorial videos on the big 3 lifts or even expert online coaching from champions. If you’re open to learning there is a world of wonderful teachers out there to show you the way. Embrace learning, become really open to it, and you’ll absorb so much more.

So, if you’re questioning whether you should start lifting or maybe doubting your potential because you’re new, I hope this article gives you that nudge to grab the barbell. After all, once you’ve started, you’re no longer a beginner.

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