Pandemic-Friendly Tips on Staying Healthy


Published: 9/1/2021

By Stephanie Haywood

Most of us stayed home and avoided public places as much as possible for over a year. We all had a small taste of what life was like before Covid, with maskless grocery shopping, concerts making a comeback, and even big parties being thrown.

It almost was a #noCovidSummer.

Now, with the new surge in cases more people are considering wearing masks again while also avoiding large public places. It can really mess with your mental health – all the flip flopping and seemingly backwards movement. But there are ways to maintain your health (and your sanity) during these uncertain times.

Indulge in a Bit of Self Care

More than ever, we need plenty of self-care to help us navigate the fluctuating uncertainty.

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Master the At-Home Workout

Finding ways to stay active can lessen anxiety and help you maintain fitness goals and achieve better sleep.

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Buy Your Groceries Safely

Stay vigilant when you have to go shopping, and try to keep your trips to a minimum.

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Keep Connected and Grounded

Look for ways to eliminate stress and anxiety and to stay connected.

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Staying home doesn’t have to be a drag, and you can still get a lot done. By staying connected with your loved ones, making sure you move your body daily, and continuing to feed your body what it needs (and craves), you can avoid homebound burnout.

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