3 Reasons Your Workout Buddies are Your Best Friends


Originally Published: 6/8/2018

Reformatted: 5/5/2021

By Malia Warren

Hey, girl, hey.

Best Friends’ Day is June 8th!

We thought it would be great to put a list of reasons why your workout pals are your best pals.

Lifting the Dream is centered around the idea of having fun and looking good while working out. So it’s not a surprise that we take Best Friends day pretty seriously.

1) They understand the grind.

We all have them, the friend that makes you feel guilty for missing another Happy Hour, or excusing yourself from a slice of cake.

Well, your sweat buddies understand, and got your back.

You may tell yourself that you’re not in the gym to “make friends” or be social, but let’s be honest: your gym buddies will see you at your best and your worst – and still want to be friends with you despite the level stink you project.

If you’re in the gym, barre studio, cycling class, or otherwise working out outside an hour a day 5 days a week, you kinda get to know people in there.

Whether you roll outta bed for a 5 AM class, or rush home during rush hour for the 5 PM class, there are others there who did the exact same thing.

You might’ve passed up on some extra zzz’s, or traded spell check on that last email for the ability to skip extra burpees for being late.

Gym people just get each other on another level.

Having people in your life that understand your grind is critical to your success.

2) They tell is like it is.

Suck it Up. Push Harder. Ten more seconds. You got this.

You’re finishing this whether you like it or not.

Not something you typically hear outside the gym right?

I mean, how receptive would you be if you called to talk to your mom about a relationship problem, and she said:  Suck it Up. Push Harder. Ten more seconds. You got this.

Actually, my mom might’ve said this to me one day long ago, I might still recovering from it, HAHA.

I know I can rely on my gym buddies to give me that extra push to get past any physical/mental block, and go just a little bit harder

on the gym floor and in life.

3) They see you at your worst (and best)

Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Because your gym partners will see you sweat more than any of your high school besties ever did.

They might see you puke, cry out in pain, or push yourself harder than you’ve ever been pushed.

There is no substitute for sharing that level of vulnerability with someone.

Sure we can’t force you to be best friends with your gym mates but it’s probably already happening without you knowing it.

What is more exciting than a PR!?

Sharing it with your gym buddies! They know how far you’ve come to get to that level and they understand, and feel your triumph.

Have you found your besties at the gym? Be sure to share this with your bestie and let them know you appreciate them on this Best Friends Day!

If you have any questions or you would like to be a guest blogger, please email us at hello@liftingthedream.com 

Bee Tee Dubs (BTW). 


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